Our Wines

Poetic Cellars’ vineyards are uniquely named for poetic styles. “Pentameter,” the Mourvedre vineyard, inspires with its richness and complexity. The Viognier vineyard, “Verse,” with its fragrant bouquet and its subtle rhythms repeatedly calls to you. The Cabernet vineyard embodies the name “Couplet” with its ability to blend and enhance flavors. Finally, the Syrah vineyard, “Stanza” is the icon of meter and rhyme for this powerful red wine. The vines of Poetic Cellars are truly “Well Versed” and promise to create great wines from their beautiful bounty.
Mirage: A dry Rose made from Mourvedre and Syrah grapes. Great on a hot day.
Syrah: Deep and complex, followed by aromas of berries.
Petit Syrah: A fruit-forward wine that is yummy in taste. Inky dark and delicious. Black Berry and Blue Berry notes.
Pinot Noir: Flavors of Strawberry and Cherry. Supported by Oak notes.
Mourvedre: A cousin of the Pinot, this wine is earthy with tones of Berry and Cedar.
Other varietals available upon request.
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